Upcoming show: January 11 - Feb 15, 2020:
Naomi Schlinke and James Thayer Turner
Northern-Southern Gallery in Austin, Tx.

Both sensuous and contemplative, Schlinke’s ink paintings also serve as the basis for her lively and colorful collages. Through painterly marks and naturally occurring ink stains, the image becomes an alternate world of evocative forms and spaces that mirror patterns from nature—atmospheric, kinesthetic, tactile, and tectonic. Her approach finds some of its inspiration in the work of Chinese “flung ink” artists, as well as in the fluid manipulations of Abstract Expressionism and the ecstatic uncertainties of Surrealism. This vocabulary of painterly events, especially when harnessed by the sculptural aspect of collage, emerges from a kinesthetic basis as much as from a purely visual one. Expressive and unstable forms take on meaning, association, and even narrative possibilities when the imagination is given free rein.