2017 What You See / Flatbed Building / Austin, Tx
    2013 Version 8: Naomi Schlinke /digital projection series for Chaddick Dance Theater at Ballet Austin
    2012 Swarm, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
    2011 Side by Side, Gensler, Austin, Texas
    2009 Oceans of Ink, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2006 Shadow & Refraction, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2004 Pollinator, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2002 Velvet Void, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    1997 Naomi Schlinke, Women and Their Work, Austin, Texas
    1996 Little Heroes, Braunstein-Quay Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
    1991 Naomi Schlinke: Access Program, Braunstein-Quay Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
    1990 Naomi Schlinke: Stanford Art Spaces, Stanford University, Stanford, Ca.

    2018 Three Kinds of Order: Dougherty Art Center, Austin, Tx
    Rebecca Harrell, Alex Robinson, & Naomi Schlinke
    2009 Turbulence: Naomi Schlinke & Sydney Yeager, Madeline Irvine: Curator, Nancy Wilson Scanlon Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2000 Bioforms: Pam Johnson, Janet Kastner, Naomi Schlinke, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    1999 Three Texas Artists: Sandria Hu, Otis Jones, & Naomi Schlinke, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas

    2017 Group Show: Fort Worth Community Art Center, Tx
    Wild Abandon: Michael Garcia, curator, Austin, Tx
    Silent Sentinels: Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY
    2016 TACHISME: Naomi Schlinke, William Cokeley, Cora Cohen, Jennifer Wagner, Bob Russell, Tonya Lee, Tuyet Ong-Barr, d. m. allison gallery, Houston, Tx
    2014 People's Gallery: Austin City Hall
    2011 78701 to 78676, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2010 Water: More or Less, Paul Villinski: juror, Richland
    College, Dallas, Texas
    Tenth Anniversary Show, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    2008 Texas Art 2008, Assistance League of Houston,
    Williams Tower Gallery
    2007 Hunting Art Prize: finalist, Houston, Texas
    D Berman Gallery Artists, Beeville Art Museum, Beeville, Texas
    2006 Art Ball Ten, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
    Fire & Ice, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas
    2005 Best Of Austin, Austin City Hall, Austin, Texas
    2004 Small Works, D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
    Abstract Concepts, Clint Willour: curator, Stephen F. Austin University Gallery
    Paperwork, Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, Missouri
    2003 Serie Project, Mexic-Art Museum, Austin, Texas
    2001 New American Talent 16, Anne Umland: juror, Jones Contemporary Art Center, Austin, Texas
    2000 Art Ball Four, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
    Critics Choice, Dallas Visual Art Center, Dallas, Texas
    1999 Juror’s Choice, Women & Their Work, Suzanne Weaver: juror, Austin, Texas
    Fresh Look, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
    Texas Artists, Contemporary Art Center of Fort Worth
    1998 Gallery Artists, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas
    1997 Abstraction, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas
    Little Treasures, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas
    1996 Group Show, Annette Carlozzi: juror, Women and Their Work, Austin, Texas
    Gallery Artists, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas
    Bucking the Texan Myth, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
    1995 Group Show, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas
    1993 National Small Painting Exhibition, Boise State University, Idaho
    1992 Group Show, One Market Plaza, San Francisco, Ca.
    1991 Group Show, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.


    Three Kinds of Order: Intersections in Abstraction by Michael Anthony Garcia 2018
    Artists: Rebecca Harrell, Alexandra Robinson, and Naomi Schlinke
    Dougherty Art Center / Austin, Texas / 8/25 – 9/22 2018

    full exhibit essay: austintexas.gov/sites/default/files/fil?

    "Her work directly connects to her many years as a dancer, both in its contemplative nature as well as it’s expressive intensity."

  • "Random Versus Intentional in Abstract Painting" / Robert Malinsky discusses Schlinkes work on Woven Tales Press:

    "There is a freedom in this work that shows a painter not afraid to take a chance and completely in control of her materials."

  • Catalogue for "Wild Abandon"/ Michael Garcia curator / October 2017 / Austin, Tx.
    Full text at: www.lulu.com/shop/michael-anthony-garc%?

    "Movement, stillness, and breath form the touchstone for all of my work."

  • Naomi Schlinke: "What You See" / Robert Faires / The Austin Chronicle / 12/22/2017

    "...the profusion of each vivid life form in close proximity to so many others creates a veritable Galapagos in every one of these large, dense, captivating works."

  • "What is drawing?" essay for Neoteric Art Journal July 2016

    "Drawing is magic, pulling images from a well like water from an unseen source."

  • Schlinke: Interview with Karyn Meyer-Berthl for Dynasty Brush 2012

    "...I look for an image that appears to be occurring naturally like rain or snow, something that is perpetually in transition."

  • "Inspirations from a Painter" / essay on Schlinke in
    From Art to Landscape by W. Gary Smith / Timber Press 2010

    "...a beauty that comes from balancing serendipity and control..."

  • Interview of Naomi Schlinke by Norbert Marsalek 2009
    Neoteric Art Journal / full text at:

    "...I wanted the directness and simplicity of a painting practice that was more akin to dancing itself."

  • Interview of Naomi Schlinke and Sydney Yeager by Madeline Irvine 2009
    full text at : www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/?

    "...color choices tend to well up as a kind of obsession..."

  • Naomi Schlinke + Gladys Poorte at DBerman Gallery 2006
    Reviewed by Nikki Moore in Austin Chronicle
    full text at: www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/?

    "... Schlinke's work is a striking and stirring shrine to event- and materials-oriented imagery..."

  • Naomi Schlinke + Sandra Fiedorek at DBerman Gallery 2004
    Reviewed by Erin Keever in "In the Galleries Austin"
    full text at: www.inthegalleries.com/eletter-200405.h?

    "...very personal, symbolic and mysterious imagery."

  • "Bioforms" at DBerman Gallery 2000
    Reviewed by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin in the American-Statesman
    full text at: www.dbermangallery.com/thebuzz.htm

    "...Schlinke's canvases seem to float in and out of richly colored backgrounds like
    objects in water or like the lush, swirling movement of clouds..."


    1982-1985 Joe Goode Performance Group / San Francisco, Ca.

    1980-1985 Margaret Jenkins Dance Company / San Francisco, Ca.

    1977-1980 Independent Teacher & Choreographer / San Francisco, Ca.


    1975 University of Wisconsin, Madison / Master of Arts: Dance

    1974 University of Wisconsin, Madison / Bachelor of Arts: Dance